Santolin Financial Services

Helping families & businesses plan for and secure a better future today!

The client focused approach puts you first!

Financial planning does not have to be intimidating or onerous. We start off with an introduction meeting, 30-60 minutes of your time, where you get to know me and how I work for my clients. No sales, no commitments. We can meet in person, over the phone, skype or even via e-mail.

If you decide to move forward, we schedule a more in-depth meeting to review several documents and statements to create a financial plan to meet your needs and goals.

I then take this information and develop a strategy to best protect your family while we work toward achieving the goals you outlined to me.

Once solutions are in place; insurance, investments or both; we monitor your progress together and adjust the plan as needed. My commitment is to provide you with financial guidance, support and solutions for the long term!

Let's start your plan now!